CARE is a non-profit international volunteer group to support people to become happier and healthier with various fun activities!

Our main focus are children, working mothers and people from diverse backgrounds, especially disabilities, mental illnesses and multicultural backgrounds.


CARE stands for


We support children and working mothers in a number of waysfor example by teaching language, art (dance, music, rhythm, etc.), building self-esteem and boosting confidence just to name a few.

CARE provides working mothers who are busy working and taking care of home with…

1. Activities to spend more time with their children, which fosters better relationships with their children while having fun and learning.

2. Workshops and lectures on different topics such as raising children, special education and mental health issues. Working mothers can listen to experts’ opinions and share information with those who have similar issues.

We also have ties with other organizations that support children and working mothers and co-host events. Stay tuned!

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We participate in activities for volunteering, charity events (e.g. charity walks/runs to support working mothers), after school programs and so on. We will also engage in fun activities such as games and sports to help each other become better, not only mentally but physically. After all, having a healthy mind and body makes us better able to help others.




Many of life’s issues arise from our relationships and inter-personal communication. This encompasses any connections we have with others: family, friends, classmates, coworkers, neighbors and even ourselves. The plan is to create a comfortable environment where we can share issues that are currently bothering us or even things we have overcome in our pasts, problems related to self-esteem, career, school, you name it. As we all know, it sometimes helps just to talk about whatever we are going through and to listen to others who have or have had similar issues.

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Laughter, smiling, fun. These are some of life’s best medicines and you don’t need a prescription. Smiles breed more smiles. This will always be a fun and safe environment for us to help people and each other.


Please join us if you are interested in helping others and desire greater opportunities to do so!

CARE is for people helping people.