Thank you to everyone who attended our second Family Yoga event!

Twenty people (adults, children and infants) came out and enjoyed family yoga and baby massage. There were laughter and smiles all around ♪ We really appreciate everyone’s support.

Click here to check out the photos of the event.

Working mothers said they don’t usually have time to relax but the event really helped them relaxed. Also some parents said they could feel how much their children had grown by enjoying yoga together.

At the end of the session mothers and fathers sat back-to-back and felt each other’s breathing while listening to Mizutani-sensei. She read beautiful words which portrait parents’ especially mothers’ feelings. Everybody’s body and heart became warm.

Special thanks to Mizutani-sensei, Saito-sensei, Mayuko and Moto for making this wonderful event happen.

The turnout was great. Due to the overwhelming demand and popularity we will have two sessions next time, Sunday June 11th. Please RSVP here soon to secure your spot. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thank you for supporting CARE.


CARE’s second Family Yoga

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