We donated some of the proceeds from the CARE Charity Music Event on November 11th to Fukushima. Again thank you to those who came out to the event! The donation was not possible without your support.

We donated the money via a charity cafe called Cafe Rapport. Cafe Rapport is a charity cafe run by second year Hotel Course students from ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages. They provide delicious cake and beverages with high quality service. All proceeds will be donated to Fukushima Prefecture. It’s the seventh year to have the charity project but it is the first year for them to host the cafe at their new hotel rooms in the college. Check out their website and Facebook page for more details.

It happened to be my birthday and their service was exceptional! The Cafe Rapport staff greeted me saying “Happy Birthday!” and generously gave me the delicious Cafe Rapport cake, the Caramel Chocolat. Yummy!

The cafe is open until Tuesday, December 5th. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy true OMOTENASHI and support Fukushima.


Donation to Fukushima via Cafe Rapport

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