Our inaugural Diversity Workshop is coming soon…Sunday, April 22nd!  

We will have the honor of having Grace Ohashi, who is a regular MC on the NHK TV show Baribara, as our very special guest. We also will have the pleasure of having many more special guests, the fun members of MUCHU Center of Independent Living, at the event.

Now, introducing some of these dynamic and inspirational MUCHU members…

Tommy: Let’s fly together!

Chokki: (sumo voice) THANK YOU!

Okeihan: I wonder if I could be a mother. Looking forward to talking with you all!

Chan: Smile with rock!

Emi-chan: Kagaya Shopping Ally is great! Come and hang out in Osaka!

Tommy, Chokki and Chan have dysosteogenesis, Okeihan has visual impairment and Emi-chan has Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

For those who have read the blog as well as those who want to meet the MUCHU members please RSVP for the workshop here.

During the workshop we will discuss what disabilities are and what each of us can do for people with disabilities. Looking very forward to seeing you there!



Introducing MUCHU…our special guests for the CARE April 22nd Diversity Workshop

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