Thank you for your support throughout the fiscal year of 2017!

Spring has come and cherry blossoms are in full bloom!


Here are highlights of 2017:

We focused on supporting children and working mothers.

Thanks to Studio Prana Kobe we were able to start Family Yoga events. Children’s smiles made everyone smile.

We also started Children’s Book Reading events and the events became very popular!

CARE’s book reading events are unique because we read both in Japanese and English and the children, as well as their parents, are able to enjoy and learn.


We were involved in Kobe Global Charity Festival and provided many fun activities with children and their families. The event was such a success.

 For fundraising we hosted two awesome music events; the venues were packed both times! We also had over 100,000 yen in raffle prizes! 


I had honors to give presentations at Fukiai High School and Kobe University Secondary School as well as the Kobe Community Forum. It was a great opportunity to introduce what CARE does in the community to those living in the community.


Thank you again to those who came out to our events to show support! We are able to keep going and keep growing with your support!  


Another new thing we tried was applying for grants.

Kobe International Community Center, Prefectural Voluntary Grant and Kobe Global Charity Festival kindly gave us grants. All grants were utilized to support children, working mothers and people from diverse backgrounds.

Precious volunteer members (i.e. Caring People) joined CARE. All Caring People have work or school and don’t get paid for CARE activities. We really appreciate your support. It’s wonderful to have such a great team!

This year we will focus on supporting people from diverse (i.e. disability, mental illness and multicultural) backgrounds.

Thank you for your continued support!!


Thank you for your support throughout 2017!

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