The Phoenix has much experience performing at various events. They will play some of your favorite hits from popular artists that you love. This will certainly be a performance to remember.

Taeko (Vocal) has been supporting people who are in unfortunate situations and doing charitable work for many years. In particular her passion is working to make sure people have food to eat.  Children’s Kitchen Hinaho no Ie (Kadoma, Osaka) provides food to hungry children who, because of their family situation, are not getting what they need at home. Also, for over 20 years, Taeko and her family have been providing curry and rice to hundreds of people in the Airin District in Nishinari. Taeko, her family and organization and CARE share the same goals to contribute to a society in which children and their families are living healthier, happier, better lives.

Chiyo (Bass) is very friendly and has been performing with Taeko for many years.

Goto-san (Drums) is an experienced drummer and also is passionate about charity activities.

Come and join the CARE Charity Music Event to enjoy their great performance!


The Phoenix -Musician at the Charity Music Event-

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